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the transformative potential of XR.

In this Digital Age in which we live we’re accustomed to new technologies showing up, garnering fleeting attention, and fading without lasting impact.
Some emerging technologies settle-in over time, their value well-understood and utilized to benefit thousands or millions of people.
Then there’s a special class of epic technologies – inventions whose impact is transformative. Virtual Reality is such a technology.

With the spirit of intrepid explorers, we set sail upon the uncharted space of Extended Reality, unveiling extraordinary possibilities alongside our visionary clients.

XR Projects

2016 to present

MONDO XR founder, Adam Blumenthal, has been conducting R&D with XR technologies since 1990. He's a frequent conference speaker and has written articles and book chapters on topics of strategy and design for XR. Adam is an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Computer Science at Brown University and Associate Faculty at Ariadne Labs, a healthcare innovation center at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston.

During the last 6 years alone, Adam has led the design and development of more than 25 innovative XR products with the following organizations:

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